$MBOX Burn Program

Periodic Burn

In reflection to the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain gaming, MOBOX introduces an upgraded Buyback and Burn Program, featuring several key enhancements:

1. Multi-Platform Integration

2. Strategic Allocation

3. Unprecedented Transparency

For more details, refer to $MBOX Burn Program Medium Announcement ->

To Locate Periodic Burn Data:

  1. MOBOX Website -> MOMO Farmer -> Network -> Buyback

  2. Stay tuned for burn announcement via MOBOX Twitter

Sample burn announcement ->

Historical Buyback Mechanism

Buyback Mechanism (Legacy)

80% of all profits across the platform is directed into an "auto buyback and burn" pool consisting of BNB. The smart contracts will constantly check the average MBOX price in the past 72 hours. Whenever the price falls below the 72 hour average price the smart contract will be triggered to swap the funds in the pool for MBOX tokens at a random time.

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