MOMO Mining Camps

1. The MOMOverse will introduce 5 NEW mining sites aside from the MBOX mining camp. Each site contains different resources to be used across the MOMOverse. 2. Your favorite MBOX mining camp is left unchanged. The other 5 mining camps include Bird Camp, Beast Camp, Fish Camp, Monster Camp, and Epic Camp.

3. Only the corresponding type of MOMOs can be placed in each camp to mine resources.

  • Bird Camp → Feathers

  • Beast Camp → Leather

  • Fish Camp → Pearls

  • Monster Camp → Ore

  • Epic Camp → Gold

4. Productivity of common, uncommon and unique MOMOs = MOMO's hash power.

5. Common, uncommon, unique, rare, epic quality MOMOs are able to transferred to MOMOVerse, and they will be automatically allocated to the corresponding mining camp to mine resources. Legendary MOMOs availiable on all mining camp.

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