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After two weeks in beta, the new game was released on October 12, 2021. It is a play-to-earn tactical RPG. The player must choose a character and his skills, improve him and compete with players from all over the world for a position in the rankings. The better the ranking, the greater the reward!

Choose your character

In MOMO BLOCK BRAWLER, there are six different characters, each with a greater affinity for a subset of attributes, differentiating them from the others. The Horde Warrior, which I call barbarian or warrior, is the one with the most health (HP). Chainsaw Rose, the redhead with the chainsaw, has a higher attack speed and a high critical attack chance (crit). The Storm Ranger, the archer, has a strong attack (ATK) added to a high speed and is very critical. The Shadow Assassin, the mercenary, has a lot of dodge (miss), attack and speed. The Arcane Witch has a lot of critical, attack and speed. Finally, the Templar Monk has a slightly more homogeneous distribution of attributes, with a little more HP and low dodge.

Choose your strategy - a wide range of skills

There are a lot of skills. It is possible to use a maximum of 6. We can say that the skills are divided into the following categories:

  • Attack

  • Damage per second and debuffs (negative effects on opponents)

  • Invocation

  • Healing and buffs (positive effects on the team itself)

Initially, 1 skill book is spent to release a skill. Afterwards, it is possible to increase its level by spending more books, improving its effects. The higher the skill level, the greater the number of books needed to increase it. The maximum level of a skill is 20. This is where a very important tactical aspect comes into play, as a set of skills can be decisive in beating an opponent.

Mine resources with your MOMOs

Each MOMO has a mining power (hash power). Even without playing, your MOMOs mine the following resources over time: gold, equipment, and skill books. Gold is used to increase your character's level and to melt equipment, which makes your character stronger to advance in the game. The player must redeem the mined gold and books at least every 8 hours, as after this time, mining will stop. Equipment is mined according to the capacity of your inventory or bag. The initial limit is 80, but it is possible to spend MBOX to increase your capacity.

Furthermore, gems from MOMOs are used to give bonuses to the character. The higher the gem level, the greater the bonus. However, only 5 gems of each type can give bonuses.

Make your own equipment - the other part of the strategy

It is possible to melt equipment obtained via mining and, with the input obtained, forge new equipment. Additionally, you can refine equipment to improve your bonuses.Careful: there is a possibility that they will get worse. Equipment is part of a set (for example, Misery and Vigor). The more parts of the same set, the more life bonuses the player gets. Additionally, if the 8 pieces of equipment a character can use are from the same set, they gain a set-specific ability:

  • Hunt Set - Killer skill: for each enemy defeated, the damage caused increases by 40%.

  • Steal Set - Sticky fingers ability: 60% chance to steal the target's buffs when attacking.

  • Misery Set - Eternal Bleed ability: for each summon killed, all opponents receive 300% damage for 4 seconds.

  • Vigor Set - Self Heal skill: heals 50% attack when attacked.

  • Destroy Set - Precision skill: damage dealt increases by 50% if the target has any buff or debug.

  • Rock Set - Barrier skill: 40% to stun the attacker for 4s when taking damage.

  • Fight Set - Horn of Zeal ability: for each summon killed, attack increases by 30% for 5s.

  • Anger Set - Retribution skill: if the character has a debuff, stuns 2 enemies chosen at random for 3 seconds.

The sets above are the ones you can get "for free" through mining and forging. There is a more powerful version of each of the above sets that costs MBOX. Each advanced set gives 2 skills, plus the health bonus is greater.

The right equipment is important to be able to defeat the most difficult opponents. If you want extra income or need to complete your set, you can trade equipment within the game's internal marketplace:

Game modes

Above is one of the arenas in which the user can fight against other players. There is a level restriction to move from one arena to another. Trophies are obtained or lost as you win or lose fights. The number of trophies determines your position in the ranking. There is a ranking for each of the last 3 arenas (the first one is not). The higher your ranking, the greater the prize obtained, as shown in the image below:

Rewards are obtained at the end of each season and consist of MBOX and MEC, a recently released feature that serves to improve the initial or base mining power of your MOMOs. It is also possible to sell MEC to other players on the MOBOX website.

There is also the adventure mode, the Dungeon (Cave). The further you go, the harder it becomes to continue. This mode also rewards the best players. The more advanced the player is, the better the position in the rankings. Bosses are difficult to beat if the user does not use appropriate skills or if they are not strong enough (level and equipment).

Did you think play-to-earn was over? None of that. There is yet another way to be rewarded: MOMO Sweep, which gives MBOX daily, but which is only deposited into the user's wallet at the end of the season. The more advanced the player is, the more MOMOs he can place in MOMO Sweep. The first 4 slots are for MOMOs of rare or higher rarity. The remaining spaces are for epics or higher. What counts in this case is the initial or base mining power (that is, the level of MOMOs does not count).

An important note is that rented MOMOs are used both for mining resources and for placing them in MOMO Sweep.


There are several ways to earn at MOBOX. MBB brings a few more new features, such as rankings, the marketplace and MOMO Sweep. The game has some restrictions (for example, mining) that try to minimize the differences between whales and players who enter with less capital. It is possible to play without having MOMOs, just rent them on the MOBOX website. I'm finding it to be a more fun game than Token Master as it requires more skill and strategy.

And you, what do you think of the new game? Did you go x1 in PvP? GG!

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