Resources Combine

1. Resources (Feathers, leather, pearls, ore, gold) can be combined to create different materials.

2. There are 10 types of materials. Materials are divided into three qualities: common, uncommon, unique. Players can increase their Mastery Level to increase their probability of combining higher quality materials.

3. Each material has different levels. Players can choose to Combine materials equal to or lower than their Mastery Level.

4. There are two separate forms of combine : Normal Combine and Advanced Combine. Normal Combine does not require MBOX, does not accumulate Mastery Level, and will require a longer time to complete. Advanced Combine requires MBOX, accumulates Mastery Level, and completes in a shorter amount of time.

5. Increasing Mastery Level increases the level of materials that can be combined, increases the probability of combining higher quality materials, and increases the number of materials you can combine.

6. Players with a higher Mastery Level can offer their combining skills in the marketplace and help other players combine materials. In return these players can earn a feed for offering assistance.

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