Mystery Boxes


The unique GameFi systems gives players and traders the opportunity to earn unique NFTs called MoMos. Each KEY token can used to unlock a BOX to generate and mint a MOMO on the BSC blockchain.

1. According to the amount of KEYs or BOXs obtained from Crates, user's can use them to unlock Chests(must be whole number) to mint NFTs.

2. Users can also purchase KEYs or BOXs from the market to unlock Chests to mint NFTs.

3. New BOXes can only be unlocked when there are 0 Chests being unlocked in the queue. (No pending transactions)

4. For a single transaction, the maximum number of Chests is 500, and the maximum Chests that can be unlocked is 50.

Fair and Transparent NFT Loot BOX

To ensure that the process of generating NFTs is completely random, the following method is used:

Random seed is generated using the block hash of when the key is used to unlock a chest + the user's BSC public address.

order.blockHash = bytes32(uint256(hash) + uint256(addr));

Each time a chest is unlocked, the hash will be calculated again

order.blockHash= keccak256(abi.encodePacked(order.blockHash));

Chest can still be opened after KEY is discontinued, and MOMO can be obtained after opening. The value of KEY is equal to the value of BOX.

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