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Q4 2020
  • MOBOX Platform Stage 1 Development
  • MOBOX Decentralized Wallet
  • MOBOX Centralized Wallet (BOX)
Q1 2021
  • MOBOX Alpha Launch
  • Optimized Yield Farming Contracts on Ethereum (Changed to BSC due to high gas fees and better yields for users)
  • Complete NFT Smart Contracts
  • Introduce Free to Play, Play to Earn Mechanism
Q2 2021
  • MOBOX Free to Play - Play to Earn Platform Official Launch
  • MOMO: Token Master (Casual PVP game)
  • MOBOX MOMO NFT Decentralized Exchange
  • Optimize Yield Farming Contracts for Higher Yield
  • MOBOX Bridge for Cross Chain NFT Support
Q3 2021
  • Major Exchange Listing
  • MOMO Chat
  • MOBOX NFT Creator Platform
  • veMBOX Booster Smart Contract
  • MOMO: Block Brawler Game (Game #2)
  • e-Sports Player and Streamer Legendary NFT
  • Multiple Token Mining Pool
Q4 2021
  • Retail MOMO NFT Mystery BOXes
  • Game Creator API for Third Party Developers
  • Partner Tier 1 IP for Legendary MOMO NFT
  • ChainZ ARENA (Game #3)
  • GOV veMBOX DAO Voting Platform
Q1 2022
  • MOMOverse Alpha Test
  • MOBOX Partner Studio Game 1 Launch
Q2 2022
  • MOMOverse Official Launch
  • Release Plan for Second Phase of MOMOverse
  • Several Major Exchange Listings
  • MOBOX Partner Studio Game 2 Launch
Q3 2022
  • Announce METAFUND Report
  • Release First set of DAG Smart Contracts
Q4 2022
  • MOBOX Chain Full Technical Details
  • Incorporating METAFUND Incubated/Invested Projects to the - MOBOX Ecosystem
  • MOHome Alpha test