Clash of Moland Guide

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Clash of Molands : How To Earn

In Clash of Molands (CoM), just as in every Mobox game , the main earning source is the Leaderboards. Additionally a farming option is also existent. A lot of confusion is created because of the different ways the farming option works compared to traditional Mobox games (TM / BB) and through this guide we’ll try to clear the picture.


A FREE PLAYER can through successful playing Rank himself in the Leaderboards of Prosperity , Arena and Prestige. Being NFT owner/renter also provides bonuses even if no additional funds (MBOX/MEC) are invested in the game.


Prosperity : Many actions in the game (eg. Upgrading a building) increases the player’s prosperity level.

Arena : Duels organized inside an instanced Arena with enemies around the same point level.

Hero : Points awarded to players according to Heros bound in the running Season. Each Legendary provides 6 points, each Epic provides.

(ATTENTION : Heros that come from free scrolls are not eligible for this as they come already bound. FREE PLAYER cannot enter this leaderboard or players that bound heros in previous seasons but not the running.)

Prestige: Leaderboard that ranks players according to Prestige points gathered from duels in the Open Map.

Conquest : Alliances’ ranking according to castles and strongholds conquered. NO MBOX/MEC rewarded , only game’s resources.


Depending on the speed a player develops his castle , a Monument of level 8 to 10 should be enough to farm maximum Seasonal MEC.

ATTENTION : The Monument can only farm for 24 hours and then will freeze until the player collects the stash.


To use the Farming function of CoM , the player needs to make use of the MONUMENT building in his castle.

The Monument registers all Binding actions that increase player’s MBOX Cap and MEC Seasonal Cap.

The MBOX registered can be collected fully only once and then will remain stagnant , while MEC resets every season and can be collected again.

The rate at which the Monument stashes the collectable MBOX/MEC for the player is affected by the building’s own level.

Hero Binding

In the following images players can follow the process of Summoning heros , buying from the market or purchasing the daily bundle.


Each Legendary Hero bound increases MBOX Cap by 90 and Seasonal MEC by 135 while Epic hero binding increases 15 and 22.5 respectively.

Heros eligible to be bound must have been acquired by one of 3 possible ways: Market , MBOX premium summon or relative Daily Bundle. With Market the player can choose which hero to buy while the other two options have a risk factor included.

Every 60 MBOX spent in MBOX summon scrolls , at least 1 boundable hero is guaranteed , which at worst possible outcome means 1 Epic so the MBOX return factor is minimum 25% . The Bundle costs 129 MBOX and at worst outcome provides 3 Epic heros so the MBOX return factor is minimum 35% , best outcome 3 Legendaries so maximum return factor 209%.

Daily Packs


In the above picture we can see circled some additional offers except for the Red summon scrolls. All those options when purchased will increase the Monument points by the amount written.

So for example if a player buys the Epic Chest that costs 30 MBOX once , he will increase his MBOX Cap by 18 MBOX and Seasonal MEC by 27. As easily concluded , daily packs offer a 60% fixed return of MBOX spent. Season pass and Diamond Refill also offer similar options with 60% fixed return. Season pass costs 20 MBOX and Diamond Refill 10 MBOX.

To access this menu , the player needs to select the “Bundle” button in his interface.

Those are the current earning options offered by the game. I hope this guide has been helpful and will increase players satisfaction in an already enjoyable game.

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