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With game stores taking up to 30% of a game’s revenue and long payment schedules, this makes it difficult for indie developers to sustain their game development.

MOBOX Game Creator platform gives indie developers a suite of benefits so that they can focus on developing a great game. Whether it is a centralized or decentralized game, the Game Creator platform will give developers access to MOMO NFTs, a massive gamer’s community, and most importantly low cost publishing and short payment schedules.

MOMOs at Your Disposal

Game developers should focus on developing a great game, yet a great game also requires great artwork that immerses the user into their own world. But great artwork can be very time consuming especially for a small studio or an indie developer.

With the interoperability of MOMO NFTs between blockchains and games, developers can choose from a library of high quality MOMO NFTs that can be used immediately in their games. This saves the developer time and money giving them the freedom and support they need to develop a fun and exciting game.

Gamer’s Community A game’s success is highly dependent on how much traffic it can drive to the game. This is also one of the, if not the most difficult aspects for making a game very successful. At the same time, many indie developers or small studios don’t have the resources for massive marketing campaigns needed to get the exposure needed from the get go.

MOBOX supports developers in every way it can, including marketing. Through efficient community management, continued platform marketing, and onboarding of key partners. The MOBOX community provides developers with robust marketing needed for success. This includes featured spots on the MOBOX platform, social media companies, and social media campaigns through our partners.

Getting your game in front of the right set of eyes has never been easier.

Fair and Square Revenue Share Model

Every game developer uses their heart and soul when developing their product, yet they dont’ always get rewarded for the time and sweat they put into it. This is mostly due to the high costs that game stores take from the developer.

Hard work should be rewarded fairly and transparently. The MOBOX platform provides developers with not just only the best revenue share model but near-instant payment to ensure that developers have the funding required to continue to what they do best, developing a great game.

When a game is successfully published on the MOBOX platform, the developer receives a Published Non-Fungible Token (P-NFT) representing their ownership of the published game. All revenue the game generates is recorded on the blockchain ensuring full transparency between the platform and the developer. The P-NFT smart contracts also serves as a revenue share agreement between the platform and the developer, automatically paying out the developers revenue share directly to their MOBOX wallet.

With the MOBOX platform, game developers can now focus on developing great games, while the MOBOX platform and Smart Contracts takes care of the rest.

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