With the support of the community the team worked tirelessly to stick to the roadmap and to show our supporters that the vision is true. With a new MOMOversary comes a whole new world of MOMO possibilities.

We are proud to introduce the MOMOverse! A whole new world of fun where MOBOXers can create, explore, and be who they want to be in a MOMO World of infinite possibilities.

MOMOverse Introduction

MOMO World: Where MOBOXers can experience an immersive, casual, and relaxing gaming experience.

MOprofession: Choose your role in the MOMOverse. Collect, craft, create and build! Whether you want to be a collector, farmer, shopkeeper, builder, or anything you want to be. The choices are limitlessโ€ฆ But most importantly the choice is yours.

MOmarket: A revolutionary NFT order book marketplace making trading a breeze.

MOsocial: A network of social games embedded within the MOMO World. Resource islands, party farming, guild wars, league of Avatars, and much more!

MOseum: Show off your whole NFT collection including those outside of the MOMOverse!

MOland: team up with your fellow MOBOXers and conquer the vast Lands of MOMO World.

MOBOX Creator: Design and mint your own assets. Showcase them in your own shop and earn on your unique creations.

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