1. Each Avatar can create and start their own MOMO Home.

2. Players can build the following buildings for their MOMO Home with each having its own unique function.

  • Town Hall : Used to mint and collect MBOX. Amount of MBOX that can be minted is dependent on the MOMO Home's Prosperity Level. For the intial minting of MBOX and after each time MBOX is collected, the Town Hall enters a 10 hour protection period and a 12 hour cooldown period. During the cooldown period players will not be able to collect MBOX, and during the protection period other players cannot attempt to steal your MBOX.

  • Lighthouse : Increase the number of attack attempts for your Airship and reduce the number of MBOX that can be stolen when being attacked.

  • Craft House : Building used for synthesizing resources and creating new materials.

  • Airship : Used to attack other Town Halls to steal MBOX tokens from other players. Level-up system will be unavailable at the beginning.

  • Dockyard : Spawns a Airship Items Chest every 8 hours.

3. Each building will have its unique design. When a building is first built it will start with it’s initial design. Players can consume different resources and materials to change the exterior design of their buildings. These resources and materials are gathered through MOsocial Games.

4. Players can visit each others homes. The homes that can be visited include : Airship target home, those who are in your friends list, players who have obtained an achievement statue, those who assist in synthesizing.

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