MOMO: Token Master

MOMO: Token Master


Put your MOMO’s to the test in a casual turn-based idle game. Rob your friends and foes and collect as many tokens as possible. At the end of each season place a top the leaderboard and win MBOX token rewards.


Token Producer

MOMO’s will automatically produce tokens at a certain rate. The higher the MOMO’s hash power, the faster the tokens production rate.

Token Twirl and Whirl

Use your tokens and guess where the wheel will land. Gain 2X, 5X, 10X, or even 10000X of tokens in return.

Loot with MOMOs

Assemble a team of 3 MOMOs and send them to loot tokens from your friends. In each battle you will be rewarded a star for each MOMO defeated. The more stars you gain the more tokens you loot.

Token Master Maestro

The game will consist of 3 leaderboards including Total Tokens accumulated, Twirl and Whirl, and Stars leaderboard. At the end of each season the leaderboard will reset and reward will distributed to the players on the leaderboard.

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