True Interoperability

True Interoperability

While many realize the potential of Non-Fungible Tokens, they still havenโ€™t reached itโ€™s full potential when used in games.

This is partly due to limitations on the current NFT standards, high gas fees for sophisticated randomization, and failure to show true interoperability.

To remedy this issue MOBOX NFTs use both ERC721 and ERC1155 standards generated on the Binance Smart Chain. This significantly reduces gas fees allowing for more sophisticated logic when generated unique NFTs on-chain.

True interoperability can be achieved in two ways. Either by interoperability between blockchains or interoperability between applications. MOBOX solves this issue by providing an NFT bridging function that allows the NFT generated on BSC to move between TRON and Ethereum blockchains. These NFTs can also be used across all the games launched on the MOBOX Game platform, creating universal interoperability between blockchains and applications.

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