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Beginners Guide for Moland Defense

In the current guide, our focus will be in explaining various menus and functions. There will be limited strategy suggestions to keep things simplified as to fully understand the gameplay there is minimum need of 2 seasons experience. Also accumulation of certain in game funds and possible investment.

DISCLAIMER 1: All information is susceptible to frequent game updates and as such might be inaccurate in the future.

DISCLAIMER 2: While in the process of creating this guide , there was a major game update that added the functions of Medals and Epic Battles. After consideration, a decision was made not to report on those functions as limited information is yet available and their complexity could overwhelm the “beginner”.

DISCLAIMER 3: Major attention needed while executing transactions – they are irreversible.

Initial Screen – Interface


Section Chapter is the one we enter after the game has loaded.

There are numbers added in the screenshot to indicate buttons – points of interest. At the top of the interface we have the Avatar of our choice (clickable) , our account’s current accumulated Power,various game resources and our current MBOX stash in our BOX Wallet (common game’s wallet).

At the top half of the screen we see the current campaign map (solo PVE) with indicated our progress by a green arrow. Visible information includes future Boss encounters and special prizes for completion.

At the bottom half of the interface we can find the Chat bar and the basic buttons to switch Sections .

Buttons’ explanation

  1. Mission: Clicking this button takes as to a menu which contains Daily renewed tasks.They are pretty easy tasks to fulfill and reward as with essential game resources to help our progress (eg. Gold, Notes) , Commander EXP and Polish Stones (used to refine Momo skills). Daily tasks are the ONLY way to acquire Polish Stones.

  1. Mail: The usual Mailbox. Works like in other games of the platform. Whenever there is a red dot it means we have received a mail to inform us about Rewards we have acquired or Marketplace activity. In some cases it is essential to press the CLAIM button to get those rewards (eg. Keys).

  1. Campaign stage: The green arrow helps us locate our Campaign progress.

  1. GiftPack-Benefits-Season: Buttons that take us to submenus with merchandise we can purchase. Those include account boosters for certain season or permanent , Gold , Recruit Cards etc. Sometimes those buttons are also flagged by a red dot which means we need to Claim some reward.

  1. Level Store: Game will reward us with 2 KEYS for every 10 MBOX we consume in it (we need to Claim the related Mail). In the Level Store we can exchange KEYS for MBOX Tokens (and receive quickly part of our investment back). Keys are not reset in the end of the season.

  1. Quick AFK: This button can be used once per day (for free) and provides us with 2 hours worth of AFK rewards.Final quantity and quantity of those rewards is affected by the Campaign level we are. By using MBOX we can press the button more than once per day or increase permanently to Two Free uses.

  1. AutoChallenge: This button initiates the Campaign pve mode with control owned by AI. There will be no need for player’s manual interaction as long as the AI is beating the stages. The player can pause and end this function at any time. It will stop by itself if the Base is destroyed or the Commander Level is lower than new Dungeon’s required one.

  1. Challenge: The button to initiate the manual function of Solo Pve Campaign. The player will have total control of where to set his Heros (used as Towers in this game) , skill usage and also possible Tower re-locating during the game.

  1. AFK Rewards: Any given minute that passes , rewards are being accumulated in this chest , waiting for the player to click and collect. The quantity and quality of the rewards are affected by the Campaign progress and if the player has Hash Power gets a fixed percentage boost. The boost can be minimum 10% and maximum 50%. There is no limit to how often the player can collect his rewards , good idea is to collect when there is enough EXP to level up or Class-Feats to promote the military Rank.

Main City


Main City section consists of the outer map having all kinds of useful bildings that boost the account’s output in various resources and offer more gameplay functions.

Unlocked buildings so far are:

  1. Recruit

  2. Message Tower

  3. Trading Center

  4. Training Ground

  5. Store

  6. Relics Exploration

  7. Legion

Northwest of Recruit is a locked building pending to be opened in future update and related to the Medal’s function.



This is the starting point as recruitment process is essential.

Inside we find the Recruit Once button which will supply us one random hero while Recruit 10 times will provide ten (10).

Recruit Once button gives us 3 free daily uses , on a 4 hour cooldown between uses. Inside this building we can also consume our Recruitment Cards or even Gold to accumulate heroes by recruiting

Message Tower


In Message Tower are the Bounties, meaning random daily missions with only prerequisite to have suitable heroes.

Bounties give us Commander Exp , Recruitment Cards , Gold and other game resources so it’s a good idea to be completed every day. The more we complete them , the better level of the Message Center becomes and so the quality of the missions and the rewards.

There is an option to consume 100 Gold and refresh and Bounty we have not yet began.

ATTENTION: Refreshing is random and does not guarantee an upgraded quality, so before use it always start the missions we don’t want to lose.

Trading Center


The Trading Center is relative to players that have spent or are willing to spend MBOX tokens.

In Hero Marketplace we can find Heroes to buy or list for sale. In TOKEN Exchange we can make swaps between MEC and MBOX as long as we have available in the BOX Wallet.

Training Ground


In Training Ground we can quickly upgrade the Star Rating of our Heroes as to shrink the quantity of our roster but increase its power.

Activating the option for “Automatic Demobilization” is a very good idea as to keep our roster tidy and gain valuable resources straight from most recruitment done without wasting valuable time.



In the Store we can spend Gold , Legion Points , Resources and Relic Points for Heroes or useful items and consumables. Trading Gold for at least one purchase in the Store is also one of the Daily Missions.

Relic Exploration


Relic is an Instance consisting of many levels and three (3) stages. Each consecutive level has ever increasing difficulty and after successfully passing each level the player gets to choose one of three buff-cards.

Those buffs are accumulated in the Relic’s backpack and stay active for the whole day , being reset the following one. At the end of each Stage there is a Boss level. Killing the Boss awards the player greater Buff-cards to choose from , game resources and potentially MEC (Stages 1&2) and MBOX (Stage 3).

Mec and MBOX rewards only available to players that have invested minimum 100 mbox in Moland Defence – excluding Marketplace purchases and MBOX/MEC swaps.



Section Legion is the interface with our guild . Here we got plenty of actions available like giving or taking hero fragments (for free) , participating in Legion Dungeon / Instance expeditions , spending Legion Contribution points in Legion Marketplace and participating in Legion Auction for Medals and Hero Cards.



Finishing Main City we move on to Section Heroes where we observe all our available heroes of our roster.

Here we can select each Hero individually for upgrading his Level , his Star Rating , or equipping him with Gear and Momo.

ATTENTION: By default we can have a maximum roster of 200 Heroes and that makes the Training Ground demobilization option a good idea. This 200 max cap can be increased by spending Gold.



The Backpack is the usual account Inventory . In it we find game resources πόροι , Gear and Hero Fragments. To this moment there is no limit in Backpack capacity.



Section Arena is the PVP part of MD . At the very beginning we use Defense button to define our team that will fight without our intervention , when our account gets attacked. ATTENTION: While the season progresses , the player should re-define his defense team by adding more and better heroes than his initially set.

By pressing the big yellow Challenge, the system matches us with a suitable opponent according to our ranking. We then have the choice to commence the battle or order the system to re-roll for opponent (by spending MBOX). In Record we have a history log of our latest battles (attacks or defenses) .

In case of defensive battles , we have the ability to retaliate against whoever attacked us. There is a maximum of 20 possible unused attacks that can be stored. If this number is lower , the system will add one attack each hour until 20 have been reached. At the top of the screen we see the total Victory Stars number we have (stars we have won minus stars we have lost) and a progressive bar of rewards to be unlocked by increasing our accumulated Victory Stars.



There are three different Leaderboards in Moland Defense.

Arena Ranking: Ranking according to Victory Stars in the Arena.

Hero Chart : Ranking according to the number and Star Rating of the Heroes that were acquired during the current season.

Attention: Any Heroes purchased in Marketplace are not considered for the ranking. Upgrading Stars does not reward extra ranking points.

Chapter Ranking: Ranking according to the furthest progress in Solo Campaign (Chapter section).

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