1. Meet new friends : Players can meet and interact with new friends through text and voice, visit their homes, and explore and complete various tasks within the MOMOverse.

2. MOcar : Can be used within the MOMOverse to increase movement speed. It can be obtained through gathering and crafting different MOsocial resources, and can be traded in the MOmarket.

3. Hall of Fame : Three unique statues will be displayed in the MOMOverse Town Center. The Avatars of the first ranked player of the day for social points, collection points, and synthesis points will be displayed for 24 hours. Players can enter the Homes of these players.

4. Advertisements : Each player or partner can upload their own image or slogan (links can be used) and submit a bid for auctioning. The winning playerโ€™s image or slogan will be displayed on the billboard until the next winning bid.

5. MOMO World Collection : Some collectible items will appear randomly within the MOMO World. Players can interact and collect these items by clicking on them. These items will appear randomly in different areas of the map and will be constantly refreshed and dropped. These items are shared by all MOBOXers. The collection items include social resources, create MOcompanions, decorate MOMO Home exterior designs, and high quality items can be traded in the MOmarket.

6. Daily Tasks : Completing daily tasks such as MOMO World collection, mini-games, and treasure hunt players can claim random quality social resources. High quality resources can be traded on the MOmarket.

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