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MEC Transaction

MEC is NFT based on the BRC1155 standard generated on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). At present, most wallet plugins (such as Metamask) do not support BRC1155 transfers (MEC), so we recommend using the MOBOX APP or MOBOX wallet plugin for transfers.
The MEC purchased in the market will be deposited into the BSC wallet (decentralized wallet). If you want to participate in the game, you need to deposit MBOX/MEC into the BOX wallet (centralized wallet). The transfer process is as follows:

1. PC

Step 1: Download "MOBOX WALLET" in Google's official webstore and import your BSC wallet.
Step 2: To add asset, click on the "plus" sign, find MEC and check it.
Step 3: From MOMO Farmer, click on the avatar to enter the "BOX wallet", click on "Deposit" and copy the address.
Step4: In the MOBOX Wallet plugin, click "Send", select the token as "MEC", and paste the recipients address from the previous step.


Step 1: Open the MOBOX APP, make sure that it has been updated to the latest version; from the asset interface, select "BSC", and import your BSC wallet.
Step 2: Click the "plus" sign, find MEC and check it.
Step 3: Enter the BOX wallet, click "deposit", find MEC and copy the deposit address.
Step 4: Go back to the BSC wallet, find MEC and click "send", paste the deposit address copied from the previous step.
Final Step: Now you are all done! That is how you transfer MEC !