Binance Mini Program

MOBOX — MOMOverse Launching on Binance Ecosystem

Are You Ready To Be MOMOversed?👀
A BIG new announcement has been made and we are thrilled and excited to be part of the reveal — The MOBOX MOMOverse Phase One is launching on the Binance ecosystem ! With this launch we are also giving away 5000 Mystery Boxes valued at over $1,000,000 BUSD — read on to find more details on this awesome event !
MOMOverse is the first metaverse to integrate with the Binance ecosystem, which is only accessible via the Binance app.
With the registration phase of the MOMOverse open (30th November), users can register to experience free to play and play to earn on the go, with a suite of games expected to be launched soon on the MOMOverse!

Get Started

This section will briefly introduce several main functions of the MOBOX x Binance Mini Program, and explain how it works.

More Features

Update soon, please stay tuned.

Referral Program

Briefly introduce Referral Program, and explain how it works


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