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METAFUND Launchpad

The METAFUND will now focus their investment in tools for the transition to Web 3.0. These include tools for easing the access for NFT interoperability, technology that lowers the barrier to entry for the undeniable transition from Web 2.0 or 3.0, the metaverse, and technology that creates easier access for developers to build on the MOBOX Chain.
The METAfund will attempt to form a Metaverse Union as no NFT metaverse should be singular but rather each metaverse can be interconnected giving each unique NFT increased utility through NFT interoperability between games and platforms.
The METAFUND that includes Binance NFT on the decision committee has made their first 2 investments/incubation. Working hand in hand with two game studios who have a combined 30 years in developing multi million dollar game titles published across the globe. Both of these studios will be working closely with Team MOBOX to continuously build fun and exciting games to be launched within the MOBOX Ecosystem.