MOBOX in collaboration with Binance NFT Marketplace will be joining forces to support and accelerate the Metaverse and NFT interoperability through the METAFUND.
The METAFUND is an incubation fund that will assist game developers to bring their titles to life on the blockchain & MOMOVerse.
Here at MOBOX we will be working closely with Binance NFT Marketplace to educate and help developers maneuver through smart contracts inc. all things blockchain gaming. With this we will also be setting up an incubation fund called the METAFUND. This fund will be used to assist game developers to bring their games to life on the MOMOverse! The Binance NFT Marketplace will sit on the decision committee that will oversee what projects will be incubated.
With the METAFUND, MOBOX will work hand in hand with Binance NFT on expanding their Initial Game Offering initiatives on the biggest gaming NFT launchpad — Binance NFT Marketplace.
MOBOX has already incubated 5 projects (Game Studios) who are currently developing games that will be launched on the MOMOverse!
More details on these 5 projects will be revealed close to their launch on the MOMOverse! — so stay tuned!