Get Started

1. Before Starting

This chapter will briefly introduce the basic information of the MOBOX project.
Help players understand the three basic concepts related to the MOBOX project and the development direction of the project.
The "1-Minute Quick Understanding" added in each section is used to assist in understanding the obscure and difficult concepts. Opinions are quoted from community players which not represent official opinions.

2. Get Sarted

Welcome to the second chapter of the guide!
This chapter will continue the content of the previous chapter, briefly introduce some content of the MOBOX platform, and how to participate

📲 How do you access the MOMOverse on the Binance APP ?

If you want to access the MOMOverse on the Binance App you need to make sure you have the latest Binance App installed on your device.
📲 Download the latest version of the Binance App (V2.37.4 or above)
📲 Then follow these steps:
📲 Once you open the Binance App simply drag down from the homepage to access the “ Marketplace
📲 you will see the “ MOBOX” logo.
📲 Simply tap on MOBOX, enter the MOMOverse and off you go!
📲If you have someone’s refer code you will need to scan the QR code from the front page of the Binance APP !